Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is an umbrella term for the integration of multiple enterprise communication tools -- such as voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), presence, content sharing, etc. -- into a single, streamlined interface, with the goal of improving user experience (UX) and productivity. Unified communications technology supports a user's ability to switch seamlessly from one mode of communication to another within a single session, whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For example, someone might initiate a conversation via chat before escalating the interaction to a video conference with a single click, without having to open a separate, video-only application. Many UC systems also integrate with third-party business applications, such as project management software, to enable the centralization of information and resources, as well as more efficient workflows.

Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing is a type of virtual, online meeting where two or more people talk through a video and audio call in real-time. Video conferencing has been around for years, but it skyrocketed in popularity as school and work shifted into the home during recent times. Our Expert can provide better solution and consult according to your needs.

VOIP Server Solutions

A VoIP server is used to connect calls to other telephone networks. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, which includes a router and modem, you are ready to use a VoIP. A typical VoIP configuration involves a desk phone and a SIP server, which is typically a VoIP service provider. We have expert in Elastix Asterisk servers and they can offer you a best solution according to your needs.

IP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks,We have expert in IP phones and they can offer you a best solution according to your needs


Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI) is a digital voice service that provides high-volume access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). ISDN PRI provides 23 digital channels over one transport line (a 24th channel carries signaling information). Our Experts can give you a solation at your complex ISDN PRI interface Configuration.


The Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling protocol used for initiating, maintaining, and terminating communication sessions that include voice, video and messaging applications. SIP is used in Internet telephony, in private IP telephone systems, as well as mobile phone calling over LTE. We have expert to handle the SIP transmissions at your need.


Asterisk is a software implementation of a private branch exchange (PBX). In conjunction with suitable telephony hardware interfaces and network applications, Asterisk is used to establish and control telephone calls between telecommunication endpoints, such as customary telephone sets, destinations on the public switched telephone network (PSTN), and devices or services on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. Its name comes from the asterisk (*) symbol for a signal used in dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) dialing. We have experts to handle Asterisk Servers at your complex VOIP Network at your need.